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Why WordPress?

WordPress powers over 40% of the internet and is one of the most reliable Content Management Systems on the market. This is because with such a wide usage, it is well-maintained and frequently updated/upgraded. WordPress being Open Source means that there is transparency in the way the platform is built from the ground up, and also makes it extremely customisable.

Why not code from scratch every time?

Essentially – why re-invent the wheel? By using WordPress, we cut at least 100 hours out of the development time for your site. That’s 100+ hours we don’t need to bill for!

But, WordPress doesn't work for florists…

Out-of-the-box WordPress Core? No, it doesn’t. WooCommerce out of the box doesn’t, either. But with a combined experience in floristry of over 55 years and web development experience of over 15 years, our team understands what it takes to make it work for florists. We customise every build to make sure it does exactly what a florist needs. This includes essential features like charging for delivery by suburb not postcode (or by any other method you want), delivery dates with customisable cut-off times, card messages, and printable worksheets for every order that are easy for your designers to read.

This includes making many of these features available via our free and open-source plugin FloristPress, so that even non-BAKKBONE clients can gain a fit-for-purpose website without massive expenditure.

In summary

Over the last 15+ years, we’ve tried just about every possible solution we can find – and this was the most efficient, most reliable, most cost effective, and most customisable. We have it down to an art. And, we deliver exactly what we tell you we’re going to.

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